Nervous About the National Election? (9/18/2020)

Dear Colleagues,

Are you feeling nervous about the national election?  Feeling helpless that even though Trump will lose California by well over 20%, the election could turn his way elsewhere bringing four more years of extreme damage to education, workers rights, the environment, race relations, and American democracy?

Even though the election won’t be determined here in California, there are still things you can do to help defeat Donald Trump and elect AFT National’s endorsed candidate Joe Biden.

1) Call fellow AFT members and/or other voters in swing states like Michigan and elsewhere.  Go here for multiple options:

2) Help out the AFT Retiree Chapter with their letter writing campaign. See Susan Morgan’s message below:

Dear AFT Retirees,

We need everyone to do something in order to win this election!!  Our chapter has decided to take on a letter writing campaign which targets Democratic leaning voters in the swing states who may not vote.  The organization we are working with is Vote Forward,, and they have done extensive research and have had success with this type of voter turnout.  Our chapter collective efforts will make a difference!!

I signed up to prepare 20 letters, and below are the steps I followed:

  1. First you sign up and need to be approved.
  2. You will need a printer, paper, postage stamps, #10 envelopes, and a blue pen.
  3. There are 15 swing states and you can choose your state.  I chose Texas.
  4. You can sign up to send 5 letters or 20 letters or more.
  5. On each letter the name of the recipient is at the bottom of the letter.  You simply write the person’s first name at the top of the letter and then you personalize it by completing this phrase “I vote in every election because . . .” and then you sign it.
  6. On the mailing envelope, you put your name on the return address, but they give you the street address, city, and state.  For example, my return address on my envelopes is:  Susan Morgan, 224 W Campbell Rd #435, Richardson, TX  75080.
  7. Once you have prepared the letters you go to the website and with one click you show that your letters are ready to mail and after you have mailed them, you go to the website and click mailed.
  8. The date that these letters are mailed is critical.  Right now the mailing date is October 27; however, that date will actually be earlier because of issues with the post office.  They will announce the new date in September.
  9. I am going to set a weekly goal for myself.  Please keep track of the number of letters you prepare and mail.  After the mailing date, please let me know how many letters you mailed. Susan Morgan <>.


In Solidarity,
Susan Morgan, President
AFT Guild, Local 1931 Retiree Chapter

Our comprehensive voting guide for the upcoming elections will be coming soon to your inbox and posted on our website, stay tuned for that…

In Solidarity,
Jim Mahler, President
AFT Guild, Local 1931