National Adjunct Action Day-February 25th

Monday, February 02, 2015 10:33 PM



A message from Ian Duckles, AFT Adjunct Faculty Representative:chaplan-image


Hello all,

We had an excellent meeting on Friday, January 30. I have attached the minutes of this meeting to this email. In these minutes I sketch out what we are planning for the National Adjunct

ction Day (including why we are calling it this instead of National Adjunct Walkout Day) as well as various actions that we need your help with. If you can assist in any way with any of the items mentioned, please email me at I have also included a copy of the first flyer that we will use to promote this event. These should show up in your mailboxes, and additional copies will be available if you want to post them around campus. This event has the potential to be extremely impactful and gain lots of media attention that we can use to pressure our governmental leaders to improve the situation for adjuncts, but we will only be as successful as the involvement and engagement of our members allows us to be. The bigger this event is, the stronger our case will be, so if you can help in any way we would greatly appreciate it.

In solidarity,

Ian Duckles

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