Nathan Fletcher and ALEC-Two Peas in a Pod

Dear Colleagues,

As you are probably aware, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is the extreme right wing organization that helped bring us things like Governor Scott Walker’s assault on collective bargaining rights in Wisconsin, the notorious “stand your ground law” in Florida, and now are playing a prominent role in trying to eliminate our defined benefit pensions.  These are not the kind of policies we need here in California, and certainly not in San Diego.  Please note the Courage Campaign’s message below about mayoral candidate Nathan Fletcher’s association with this group.  We urge you to sign their petition.

In Unity,



Courage Campaign

“There are no two ways about it — losing sucks.” This is the reason given by ALEC apostle and San Diego politician Nathan Fletcher, former life-long Republican turned Independent, on why he decided to switch his registration once again and become a Democrat last yearSan Diegoprogressives know when someone really shares their values and when someone doesn’t. A true progressive is NOT someone who was a proud conservative and a vocal ALEC supporter most of their life.

San Diego, tell ALEC that its draconian laws won’t fly here, like they have in states like Texas and Indiana.

Nathan Fletcher has supported ALEC for years and fellow ALEC ally Karl Rove praised Fletcher just last year, saying, “Nathan Fletcher is a trusted conservative.” ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) is nothing more than a front group for powerful corporations and right-wing conservatives who focus on getting state legislatures to pass bills handwritten by corporate lobbyists to benefit the 1%.

ALEC prides itself on having, as they say, “unmatched,” “unique,” and “unparalleled” influence. Every year ALEC pushes more than 1,000 bills benefiting corporations and conservatives in state legislatures across the country, including the anti-union “Right-to-Work” bills, the highly controversial “Stand Your Ground” bills, and environmental bills that increase pollution, oppose recycling laws, and seek to privatize public water. They have also given out awards to people like George W. Bush, Rick Perry, the Koch Brothers, and Scott Walker.

Lend your voice and declare that ALEC’s conservative corporate legislation has no place in San Diego!

Thanks for joining this fight,

James, along with Annie, Caitlin, Eddie, Jacob C., Jacob W., Kristin, Laura, Lindsay, Michael, Paul, Sarah and Scottie (the Courage team)

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