Name Your Demand

Fact: Today, the top 1 percent owns more wealth than everyone in the bottom 90 percent combined. 
Are you tired of seeing a political system and an economy that only works for the very wealthiest? For too long, our leaders have worked on behalf of the top 1 percent, leaving everyone else behind. It’s time we put a stop to that.
capitalSign on to the “9 Demands of the 99%” today. 
We’ve offered eight ideas to make our country stronger and fairer—and we want your input, too. The ninth demand gives you the opportunity to tell us what you think America needs to restore power to the 99 percent.
Join the hundreds of thousands of people standing up for the middle class. Sign the “9 Demands of the 99%” right now. 
Now, across the country, the 99 percent are standing up and making themselves heard. We need to put Americans back to work, restore democracy and bring the corporate agenda to an end. Sign on to the “9 Demands of the 99%” and add your voice. 
Will you join the fight? 
Sign on to the “9 Demands of the 99%” today. 

In unity,
Kris Havens
AFT National Communications Director