Missing your CalSTRS Ballot?

Dear Faculty Colleagues in STRS,
I am hearing that some STRS members have not yet received their ballots for the CalSTRS Board election.  Ballots were mailed out two weeks ago, so if yours hasn’t come in the mail at your home, it’s time to request a new one.  For a replacement ballot, email the help desk at custserv@vres.us or call 1-800-218-4026, Monday-Friday, 6:30am to 3pm.

While you can vote online, by phone, or via US mail, you need the identification number found on the paper ballot to do it.  The November 30th deadline will soon be upon us, so please make sure you’ve got what you need to vote – and if you have your ballot, vote now!
And most importantly, please cast your vote for CFT and AFT Guild, Local 1931 endorsed candidate Sharon Hendricks!