AFT Flex Meeting, Monday, 1/30

Mesa College Colleagues,

If you still have an opening on your flex dance card, you certainly won’t want to miss the scintillating AFT “Know Your Contract and Other AFT Questions You Were Afraid to Ask” discussion featuring yours truly scheduled for this Monday, 1/30, at 1:00 in room H-117 (activity #35001).

Topics to be discussed will include:

*Negotiations update

*The role of AFT vs. the role of the Senates.

*Evaluations and promotions for new hires.

*Adjunct Priority of Assignment

*When to contact the AFT for things like having representation in meetings
with management

*Who on our campus are the AFT representatives.

*STRS questions

*The role of COPE in Board of Trustee and other elections

*Sabatticals/Travel and Conference Funds

*Health benefits

*Discussions of our general AFT organizational structure

*Q & A

Hope to see you there!