Help Defend Mark Anderson for County Board of Education

I am writing on behalf of Mark Anderson, adjunct faculty member at Miramar College, who is a candidate for the San Diego County Board of Education.  Many of you know Mark from his service on our union’s Executive Council, his involvement in many part-time faculty issues, and from his work on our negotiation teams.
Mark’s opponent is from the ultra-conservative right, with absolutely no education credentials whatsoever.  So what do you do when you’re running for a Board of Education and you’re not an educator?  Well, if you’re unethical, as Mark’s opponent apparently is, and you are being coached by former deposed SDCCD Trustee Ken Moser, you make up your credentials!
Incredulously, Mark’s opponent, in conjunction with Ken Moser, used Ken Moser’s home address as a front for a fictitious organization claiming Mark’s opponent was a teacher.
Fortunately, a superior court judge saw through this scam and ordered Mark’s opponent to not only remove her false claim as being a “teacher” from her ballot statement, the judge also directed her to remove her false claim as being a “nurse” and for falsely claiming to hold an “AS Business Degree from Kansas State University.”  (see attached court order)
As appalling as these lies are, in addition to being insults to the teaching and nursing professions, Mark’s campaign needs money in order to get these messages out to the voters.
AFT cannot make a contribution in this race as election rules for this seat allow only for contributions from individuals.
That’s where you come in!
Mark asked for and received the AFT’s endorsement in this contest.  He made it through the primary and is now locked in a heated run-off election, to be decided in November.  He needs our support.  I believe in Mark and know that he will not only do the job, but will go the extra mile for K-12 students and teachers, as he has done many times for us.
Please take a minute to visit his website:  ELECTANDERSON.NET and read his statements on education and make a donation.  I think you will agree that Mark is the type of person of whom we will be proud to have as a member of our local as he sits on the Board of Education.
K-12 schools need Mark on the County Board.  Mark needs our support to get there.  Please give a generous donation to his campaign.
In Unity,
Jim Mahler, President
AFT Guild, Local 1931