Management and Self Care for Educators Workshop (11/09/2021)

Dear AFT Guild Members,

The past year has been an extremely stressful one for all of us. Stress can have severe impacts on our health and well-being, and we often haven’t learned healthy ways to cope. Controlling one’s stress level improves everyday function and health. In this workshop we will discuss sources of stress and techniques to manage it.

This CFT provided workshop will share self-care resources, strategies, and tips to help educators reduce everyday stress and lead a more relaxed and enjoyable life.

November 15, 2021 – 6:00pm – 7:00pmPlease RSVP Here: Management and Self Care for Educators

Elaine MerriweatherChair, Civil, Human, and Women’s Rights Committee
Betty RobinsonChair, Early Childhood Education Committee

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In Solidarity,
Jim Mahler, President
AFT Guild, Local 1931