Lori Saldaña Campaign-Only one week left, help us reach voters!


Remember that Lori is one of our members.  Anything you can do to help her campaign would be appreciated.


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From: “Kayla Wingbermuehle, Lori4Congress.com” <info@lori4congress.com>
Subject: Only one week left, help us reach voters!
Date: May 29, 2012 3:06:49 PM PDT
To: aftjim@pacbell.net
Reply-To: info@lori4congress.com


Dear Jim,
There’s just one week left before election day!
We know that speaking directly with voters is crucial, especially when one of our opponents is trying to buy this election with $1.25 million of his own money. We’ve just set up a brand new predictive dialing system that will help us call through five times more voters than regular dialing. It’s exciting new technology that will help us effectively and quickly reach thousands of voters in the last week of this primary.
But here’s the catch: we need at least 10 folks on the dialer at a time for it to work effectively.
Can you be one of those 10? Click here to RSVP and join us at campaign headquarters in San Diego on Wednesday at 6pm or Friday at 2pm and help turn out the vote!
(Can’t make it? Chip in $3 to support our grassroots campaign.)
With your help, our grassroots campaign can combat the millions of dollars our opponents are spending, and go on to win in November!
Thanks for all you do!Kayla Wingbermuehle
Field Director


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