Join the AFT Guild Artificial Intelligence Sub-Committee!

Dear AFT Guild Members,

Generative Artificial Intelligence has already dramatically transformed Higher Education and things are only getting started. Furthermore, administrators from the state on down are actively pushing AI as the solution to a variety of problems. In an effort to get ahead of the curve on these issues, our AFT Guild is establishing an ad-hoc AI Sub-Committee to study this topic and generate policy for our local and potentially for future contract negotiations.

If you are interested in joining this work please reply to this email with a few lines (not AI generated) as to why you would like to participate. This committee will be chaired by Mesa College Professor Ian Duckles who also serves as one of our CFT representatives on this topic at the State Chancellor’s office.

We plan to get started this summer, but it is fine if you are unavailable until the academic year starts up again in August, just please let me know now if you are interested.

In Solidarity,
Jim Mahler, President
AFT Guild, Local 1931