Job Opening: Civic Engagement Project Director

Civic Engagement Project Director

Background: San Diego ACCE, the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment is part of the California Alliance, a statewide civic engagement effort which has 16 member organizations contacting over 250,000 voters throughout the state.  Our  program’s goal is to develop effective issue framing and messaging that builds support and creates a new center of gravity for progressive tax and fiscal reform.  We will also identify and mobilize voters and community leaders to build a movement of leaders that want to challenge the status quo on the need for tax and fiscal reform

Job description

The Civic Engagement director will be in charge of supervising our 12 person phone team to successfully communicate with voters using a predictive dialing system.  This will involve

·         Working with our tech team to make sure system is working

·         Supervising and supporting phone team (making sure the team is on message, clear and prompt)

·         Managing daily reports and keeping goals on track

·         Reviewing results and program updates with team on a daily basis

The program begins in early March, so this is a temporary 4-5 week position.   The program will run evenings on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and on weekend mornings on Saturday and Sunday.

Beyond the completion of this project, the Project Director will have an opportunity to work on other projects (potentially part time or full-time) with ACCE, including phase two (in May) and phase three (in September) of the civic engagement program.


·         Bilingual (English and Spanish) a must

·         Experience in community service and/or activism

·         Basic knowledge of computers and internet use

·         Ability to work independently

·         Commitment to Social Justice

·         Ability to work evening and weekend schedule

To apply
Please send a resume and 2 references to

FINAL NOTE: We are also still recruiting bilingual members of the phonebanking team.  If you don’t believe that you are qualified to be the civic engagement director, but would like to participate in the program, please send an email to