International Workers’ Day – May Day Planning

Dear AFT Guild Members,

Our sponsored May Day events last year were a rousing success!  On some campuses our May Day event was one of the most active and student-engaging events on the campus in years.  We had literally hundreds of students, staff, faculty, and administration reflecting on the history and significance of May Day, unifying in solidarity for modern-day workers rights and struggles.  The voices from a powerful lineup of speakers reverberated throughout the campuses as the issues addressed resonated within our students – many of whom face similar struggles.  As the presentations subsided, the crowds began to organize and move into a peaceful march through the campus – chanting words of hope, of the need to be heard in a world increasingly rigged against them.  Their voices penetrated through the walls of our institution — moving, inspiring, and motivating others to join in.  We all then joined other workers from throughout the County for a march downtown.

The question we have before us now is, what would you like to see happen this year on your campus?  Please send me your comments/thoughts and we will try to make that happen on each of your campuses.

You are your union!


In Solidarity,