More info on pension agreement


Here is the latest information we have (CONFERENCE COMMITTEE BILL ANAYLSIS PENSION REFORM and SUMMARY OF CONFERENCE COMMITTEE REPORT PENSION REFORM).  The conference committees passed the proposed legislation with no changes last night.  Please make those calls!  Keep your message simple:  “I’m calling to urge you to vote NO on AB 340 (if calling an assemblymember) or NO on SB 827 (if calling a senator).”


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From: Dolores Sanchez <>
Subject: More info on pension agreement

From Dolores Sanchez, CFT Legislative Representative

Hello all,
I’m passing along to you a summary and analysis supplied by the legislature leadership about the legislation containing the pension reform agreement. These documents contain additional details to the Governor’s press release.

A word on legislative process:  This evening at 6 PM the conference committee, the legislative committee charged with dealing with pension reform, will hold a hearing on the attached agreement in the form of legislation, AB 340 and SB 827. (Both bills will be identical.)  Committee members will vote on whether to adopt the legislation.  If the legislation is adopted, then AB 340 goes to a vote of the full Assembly and SB 827 goes to a vote of the full Senate.  But before there is a vote by the membership of each House, the legislation is required to be in bill form and in print for two days  Therefore,  it looks like votes are likely this Friday, August 31, the last day of the legislative session.  These bills require a majority vote and are not subject to amendments.  If the bills pass, one of them, I believe AB 340, will go to the Governor for his signature.

Let’s stop this agreement by contacting legislators and urging them to Oppose it.  Click here to obtain the phone number of your legislators.

More details to follow once developments occur.  Thank you, Dolores

Dolores Sanchez
CFT Legislative Representative