How you can help fellow CFT members who are victims of the California fires

Dear Jim,

As the tragic fires in Northern California continue to worsen, the CFT and the AFT have set up an emergency relief fund for members who have suffered catastrophic losses in the fires. Already we know that several CFT members have lost everything, while many more have been forced to evacuate with just their wallets and their keys and the future of their homes uncertain.

Donate to the Disaster Relief Fund for CFT members who are victims of the fires

Working closely with local presidents in the impacted areas, the CFT has already gotten some financial assistance to those who have lost everything, but more still needs to be done.

That is where you come in. If you are able, we ask that you please consider donating to the emergency relief fund we have set up specifically for the CFT members who are victims of the fires. Contributions of any amount will go a long way in helping our brothers and sisters get through the crisis.

If you have lost your home or are in need of financial assistance because of the fires, please let us know. Contact CFT Deputy Executive Director Sarah Callahan at 510-523-5238 or

Finally, we are very proud of the countless number of CFT members throughout Northern California who have gone above and beyond to support their communities. Joining with their neighbors and co-workers many have opened their homes, made donations, and volunteered for those impacted by the fires. Many others have stepped up to the plate at their schools and colleges, which have become emergency shelters for fire victims. It is this spirit of collective action during crises that defines our communities.

In Unity,

Josh Pechthalt
President, California Federation of Teachers



Joshua Pechthalt, President
Jeffery M. Freitas, Secretary-Treasurer | L. Lacy Barnes, Senior Vice President


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