Help qualify our own Millionaire$ Tax Initiative for the November 2012 ballot

Your AFT Guild needs YOU now !

Help qualify our own Millionaire$ Tax Initiative for the November 2012 ballot.

It’s simple . . . volunteer an hour or two (or more) to collect signatures on the Mesa campus.

When:  March 12th, 13th, and 14th — 9:00A to 3:00P
Where: Petition tables around the Mesa College campus
How to volunteer:  Contact Jim Miller to sign up for a time slot of an hour or two  (. . . or more).  

This is not a hard sell, everyone is willing to sign this.  Most students, faculty, and staff know that passage of this tax initiative will turn the corner on California’s budget and add to the revenue for public education, social services, and infrastructure.  They just want to sign the petitions!  We need over 500,000 (!) of these signatures statewide to put the initiative on the ballot.  We’ve made a strong start, but we have a ways to go by the mid-April deadline.  That is where your AFT Guild needs YOU to help in this important effort.  

Your help now will have a long-term positive outcome for students, faculty, staff, and the well-being of California.