Help Needed to Avoid $2.95 Million in Cuts!

Dear Colleagues,

As a result of lower than anticipated property tax revenues in the State, our District’s current fiscal year budget is due to be cut by $2.95 million!
That is a huge impact, especially this late in the year after we have already made financial commitments for the remainder of the fiscal year through June 30th.
For K-12 districts, there is an automatic backfill provision which kicks in when property taxes come in lower than expected.  Unfortunately, community colleges do not enjoy a similar protection.
AB2277 would ensure that community colleges receive a property tax backfill for this current fiscal year so that we would avoid the $2.95 million in cuts.
What can you do to help?
Simply print out the attached letter, sign your name to it, and US mail it to Assemblymember Leno’s office (address is on letter).
That’s all it will take:  Two minutes of your time and 41¢ !
Extra Credit:
Please call his office at 916-319-2013 and say that you are calling in support of the passage of AB2277 through the appropriations committee.  (It’s volume of calls, not prose, that matters here.)
Thanks for helping ensure our funding is not dramatically cut!
In Unity,