Guild Wins Work Experience Arbitration!

During the fall 2003 semester, City College administration unilaterally
changed its method of payment for faculty assigned in work experience.
Despite exceedingly clear contract language, City College administrators
felt they had the authority to change the rate of payment without first
negotiating these changes with the Guild.

It was later brought to the attention of the Guild that this had occurred,
we filed a grievance which was denied by the administration, we then
proceeded to arbitration on the matter, and the arbitrator recently ruled in
our favor.

At issue was the number of hours paid to the instructor per student

What this means to the faculty involved is that they will all be receiving
back pay, all the way back to the fall 2003 semester, in the amount they
were underpaid.  Affected faculty should see this payment in their May
31/June 10 paychecks.

If you had a work experience assignment at City College any time from Fall
2003 to the present, please email me and I will be able to tell you what the
District’s records show as the amount you are due.  I have attached the
arbitrator’s opinion and award for everyone’s reading pleasure.

It was unfortunate that both the Guild and the District had to expend
several thousand dollars in attorney’s fees in order to adjudicate this
seemingly simplistic case, but the District continues to follow the advice
of their attorneys to “litigate everything to the end,” thus ensuring a
steady stream of District resources to their law firm.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

In Unity,


Work Exp. Opinion and Award.pdfWork Exp. Opinion and Award.pdf