Guild/District Agree to Settle Unfair Practice Charge!


I am pleased to report that within a few short days we were able to reach agreement with the District regarding their proposed changes to the summer schedule.  The District and the Guild have agreed to:

1)  Include summer session FTEF in the department chair reassigned time formula;

2)  Allow Office/Technical staff who have to work overtime relating to the summer session or intersession to be given the option of pay or comp. time.  Also, the District agrees not to hire hourlies to subvert these overtime opportunities.   (Attached is the actual contract language change.  The underlined language is new, everything else is current contract language.)

On behalf of the Guild, I greatly appreciate your solidarity and positive response to our call to action.  I am extremely happy we were able to resolve this matter quickly.  Chancellor Carroll deserves thanks for getting personally involved in this matter and helping to bring it to closure in a timely fashion.

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

In Unity,