Get Out The Vote for Donna Frye

Dear Union sisters and brothers,

As you know we are only 2 weeks away from one of  the most important elections in our City’s history.  Working together, this is our best chance in decades to elect the a Mayor who will really stand up for working families in San Diego on November 8th!  Donna Frye has always stood with labor, and now she needs you to stand strong with her.

We want to thank you for all your efforts so far on Donna’s behalf and ask for your help again for the final round.  We need you to join us to Get Out The Vote for Donna!

Below is a tentative GOTV schedule.  We need hundreds of volunteers to make it all happen.  We especially need a hearty crew for the late night and early morning door hangers on Monday and Tuesday.  Please RSVP to me as soon as possible to let me know we can count on you and your members to help us win!

In Solidarity,

Laura Benson

Volunteer Coordinator, Donna Frye for Mayor Campaign


GOTV Schedule:

Election Day, November 8th—Early Morning Door Hangers; Pollchecking / Knock and Drag (All Day!); Reminder call phonebanking

Monday, November 7th—Reminder call phonebanking; Late Night Door Hangers

Sunday, November 6th—Reminder call Phonebanking; Door Hangers

Saturday, November 5th—Precinct Walking; Reminder Call Phonebanking