Get on the Bus on March 5th!

“There’s something about a march that is very powerful. It’s a powerful weapon, a powerful organizing tool, and it has a powerful influence on those who participate.” -Cesar Chavez

Dear Colleagues,

Beginning March 5th the California Federation of Teachers is launching the March for California’s Future in order to draw public attention to three urgent ideas:

*Restore the promise of public education

*A government and economy that works for all Californians

*Fair taxes to fund California’s Future

To raise awareness about the impact of the budget on education and essential public services a core group of marchers including our own AFT Guild Local 1931 Political Action VP Jim Miller ( will be marching the 400 miles from Bakersfield to Sacramento over seven weeks. Along the way, the marchers will meet with other teachers, home care providers, parents, students, public sector and other workers. They will take the message to legislators who vote against education and other vital needs by marching through their districts and speaking the truth to the power brokers.

We know that not all of us can afford to make the sacrifice to stop their lives for seven weeks to join a march, but we invite you to consider taking one of the following actions:

1) Join us by busing up to the kick-off Rally in LA and the first short march in Bakersfield on March 5th.

2) Join the march during Spring Break or along the way for a day if you can;

3) Come up for the big rally in Sacramento on April 21st.

If doing this seems like a lot to ask during your busy lives consider how much harder it was for the poor farm workers who launched a similar march decades ago. Consider what the future of California will be for our students and their children if we do not raise our voices today in support of a just future for the state, one that does not sacrifice the greater good in the service of the comfort of the most fortunate few.

A march builds hope. As Chavez said, “There is this anticipation. You have a definite starting place and a definite goal. You’re moving, making progress every step. That’s very comforting to people. It gives a great sense of calm, because it’s peaceable work. You can think much better, and you can get a lot of courage. Then there’s the sense of personal sacrifice.”

So we ask you to take the first step, join us on the bus leaving San Diego City College at 6:30AM on March 5th and returning that same night and help us start the march off with all of our enthusiasm, hope for the future, and solidarity with our community. Friends, family, students, and neighbors are all welcome! More details to follow.

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