Fight for California’s Future

Dear Colleagues,

Your AFT Guild, Local 1931 is one of the hub of locals involved in CFT’s ongoing Fight for California’s Future Campaign which is seeking to stop the ongoing budget cuts and fight for progressive solutions to California’s seemingly endless fiscal nightmare.  We will be doing events locally and at the state level and we need your help.

If you would be willing to go to a rally, go to the CFT convention, write a letter, or help in some other way, large or small, please respond here:, with your name, phone number, and best email contact.  This list will help us as we move forward in our efforts to stop the gutting of our education system and fight for a just future for our state.

Even if you can’t do anything big, there may be some way you can still help.

In Solidarity,
Jim Miller
AFT Political Action VP/Community Outreach