Equalization Funding Appeal to Gov

Between now and the release of the Governor’s May revision to his proposed budget (due out May 13), our letter writing/lobbying campaign will focus exclusively on ensuring the second installment of equalization funding for community colleges is included.  Please take a moment to take the following two actions:

1)  Please call the Governor’s office in San Diego at 619-525-4641.  Tell them:  “I’m calling to urge the Governor to include the second installment of $80 million in equalization funding for community colleges in his May revise.”

3)  Please print out, sign and mail or fax (619-525-4640) the attached letter to Governor Schwarzenegger calling on him to include the $80 million.

That’s all it takes!

Please forward this email to all of your friends, neighbors, and family members. It is essential that we spread the word as broadly as possible outside of our immediate education community. The Governor needs to hear from as broad of a segment of the general public as possible, not just us “special interests.”

Your actions do make a difference!