Down to the wire for Prop. 15 and Biden/Harris (11/02/2020)

Victory is within reach for Prop. 15 and Biden/Harris, but we have to finish strong

                  • Get out the vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris
                  • Get out the vote for Prop 15

                    AFT passes a resolution to protect American democracy

                    The American Federation of Teachers’ Executive Council recently passed a resolution outlining the union’s plan to defend American democracy, including protecting the right to vote and the requirement to count every vote, in light of ongoing threats by President Trump and his allies.

                    It highlights four key areas that must be protected:

                    • Every American citizen registered to vote must be able to vote,
                    • Every vote must be counted,
                    • The electoral verdict of “we the people” must be respected, and
                    • We will not be intimidated.

                    The resolution goes on to outline the unique role educators and other professionals must play in defending democracy during these historic times.

                    In response to the resolution’s passage, AFT President Randi Weingarten said, “We take very seriously any threat to the sanctity of our elections and the peaceful transfer of power. It is our job as educators, healthcare professionals, public employees and, most importantly, human beings to defend democracy, which requires fighting for Americans’ right to vote and then counting every vote. That is the first step to building a fairer and more democratic society. I feel this keenly as a teacher, particularly a teacher of civics. I feel this even more keenly watching President Trump undermining the foundational underpinnings of our democracy—the consent of the governed.”

                    Full text of the resolution can be found here.