Donations for Hurricane Harvey Victims

Dear Colleagues,


Have you been wondering how you can help the people that have been negatively impacted by Hurricane Harvey?  How about we put together a care package with donated items from all of us and send it to the relief efforts in the City of Houston!

Here’s a short list of donation examples:

  •  Clothing (Children and Adult)
  •  Shoes (Children and Adult)
  •  Underwear and Socks (Children and Adult)
  •  Blankets
  •  Towels
  •  Toiletries
  •  School Supplies
  •  Books

The well-known organizations are doing their part, but we may be able to provide a bit of relief for some underserved communities that will likely be missed or receive less support. Let’s fill in the gap!

If you have any of the above items and you’re willing to donate, please bring your items to today’s AFT Union Meeting at North City Center or drop them off at the AFT Office, 3737 Camino del Rio South, Suite 410.

Thanks in advance for your generosity!

In Unity,


Jim Mahler, President

AFT Guild, Local 1931