David Alvarez for San Diego Mayor!

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Your AFT Guild, the San Diego Labor Council, and thousands of working families stand behind Councilmember David Alvarez for San Diego Mayor.


The February 11th election for San Diego’s next mayor is critical for working families.  There are major differences between the candidates in this year’s race. We support Councilmember David Alvarez because he is the only candidate who shares our values and has a proven track record of standing up against wealthy corporations and special-interest groups to protect working families.


David understands the needs of our working families because he comes from one.  Unlike his opponent, he was born and raised in San Diego – the son of a janitor and a fast food worker.  He put himself through college and pursued a career in public service because he believes that all San Diegans deserve a chance to succeed.  He also attended San Diego City College and San Diego State.


On City Council, he has stood up against polluters and big banks to protect our community’s health and our neighborhoods’ property values.  His plan to move San Diego forward will create more good middle-class jobs, increase affordable housing and address the sky-rocketing cost of living in San Diego.


There is so much at stake this year because big corporations and downtown special interest groups want to buy the election for Kevin Faulconer – whose record of supporting the outsourcing of local jobs and tax giveaways to the wealthy elite would return San Diego to ‘business-as-usual.’
Please join us and do your part to keep working families the focus in San Diego’s priorities.  Please see the pdf below for more information as to how you can help in this effort.


Vote February 11th for David Alvarez:  He’ll STAND UP for ALL of US!
In Unity,
Jim Mahler, President
AFT Guild, Local 1931

San Diego & Grossmont-Cuyamaca

Community Colleges