Corinthian Default Relief for Students


As you know, the for-profit chain of Corinthian Colleges has just collapsed, taking with it the hopes of 16,000 students who were still enrolled, the vast majority in California. Many are now looking for opportunities to transfer and complete their educational programs elsewhere, including in our California community colleges.
In the last three weeks, Corinthian has been holding “transfer fairs” to tell students about other programs they can continue in. The federal Department of Education has assured representatives from AFT that accurate information about transfer and debt discharge options is being presented at these events.
However, AFT’s Higher Education department has heard that both at “transfer fairs” and in other materials supplied by Corinthian, students have been receiving inaccurate information about their options, which may include a full discharge of federal student loan debt accumulated for study at Corinthian.
It is vital that these students, who have already been exploited by Corinthian, get full and accurate information about their options in this high-stakes situation. Fortunately, those of us who may meet these students as they transfer to a community college can play a direct role in making sure that happens.
The attached flyer lays out resources for students you may encounter who are interested in transferring from Corinthian, or who are starting new programs of study in the wake of Corinthian¹s collapse. Please distribute widely to everyone who may come into contact with these students on your campus.