Consider Taking Global Issues (Geog 101) this summer online via Grossmont College (05/25/2021)

AFT Guild Executive Council Member and Professor of Geography Judd Curran will be offering this social justice based course focusing on issues including climate change, labor and trade, and the importance of Unions in providing a collective voice for individual workers, not only in advocating for fair working conditions and benefits, but also in providing a stronger voice in politics as well.  The link will also be made between historical points in time within the 20th century when the middle class was stronger and income and wealth inequality was lower coinciding with the period when unions were stronger.

There are no textbook costs involved, and the Guild will reimburse the tuition costs for any Guild member upon successful completion of the course.

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Here is the Course Announcement:

  • because you are 5X more likely to realize the American Dream growing up in Canada.
  • because climate change is an existential threat that requires immediate action to avoid catastrophic consequences for humanity.
  • because the 50 richest Americans have more wealth than 50% of Americans.
  • because college costs are skyrocketing and student debt is at an all-time high.
  • because it seems as though the system is rigged against you.
  • because Global Issues (Geography 101) exposes some of the root causes of these issues affecting you, and it is a great way to satisfy your GE Social Science requirement, and it transfers to both the CSU and UC university systems.

Take Global Issues (Geography 101) online with professor Judd Curran in Summer 2021…

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Global Issues
Geography 101
Summer 2021 – 8 weeks (June 14th – August 5th) Online
Section # 9527
Prof. Judd Curran (