Congratulations, We Won!

California Labor Federation  AFL-CIO

November 8, 2005

Statement on the Special Election

By Art Pulaski, Executive Secretary-Treasurer

Congratulations on a great victory! We swept Arnold Schwarzenegger’s entire Special Election agenda. This election was a showdown with a bully. Labor’s voice was not silenced  – we spoke loud and clear. Today we kicked Arnold’s butt!

This victory was the result of a massive effort by all of California’s unions. We acknowledge all of the tremendous work you have done for this campaign.

Voters were not fooled by this Special Election. They rejected Arnold Schwarzenegger’s power grab, and they rejected his bullying antics and his politics of blame.

This was a devastating loss for Arnold Schwarzenegger. He has wasted a full year of his governorship. He made this Special Election his priority and it was soundly rejected by voters.

When Arnold ran for office, he promised to have everyone at the table. Instead, he built a private tent in a protected courtyard to share cigars with his corporate allies.

Now Arnold should listen to voters and stop trying to bully union members.

Beginning today, we call on the Governor to put derision and divisiveness aside. We challenge him to work with us to improve California for all of us, not just for his corporate donors.

Labor will continue to work to build better transportation, improve our schools, create good jobs, and provide good health care for all Californians.

A heartfelt congratulations for all of your tremendous work that led to this victory.