Click to Sign – Petitions RE: Staffing and Enrollment Crises (05/16/2023)

Dear AFT Guild Members,
We’re writing to ask you to sign two petitions today in support of new legislation to strengthen public education (Tuesday 5/16 is the deadline).

The first bill – AB 938 (Muratuschi), in solidarity with TK-12 teachers and classified professionals in our union – addresses the staffing crisis in our schools by increasing funding for wage increases by 50%.

The second bill – AB 811 (Fong) to restore repeatability – puts the community back in community colleges, fostering lifelong learning and student success by allowing more repetition of courses.

Last year we saw what member action can do in Sacramento, when we won $200 million in ongoing funding to provide affordable healthcare access to tens of thousands of part-time faculty. Now, in a new legislative session with a less rosy budget outlook…

…we’re taking action to protect and strengthen public education:

  1. Sign a petition in support of AB 938 (Muratuschi) – in one click! to show your support for addressing the TK-12 school staffing crisis by increasing funds for educators and classified professional salary increases by 50%.
  1. Sign a petition in support of AB 811 (Fong) – also one click!to put the community back into community colleges by letting adults take the courses they’d like for life-long learning, as well as giving students more support and opportunity to meet their higher education goals.

Please join us by signing these two petitions and sharing the links today. For more information on the bills, contact

In Solidarity,
Jim Mahler, President
AFT Guild, Local 1931