Chancellor Carroll To Join The Guild!

In a surprise announcement at today’s District Governance Council meeting, SDCCD Chancellor Constance Carroll announced that she would be filing to obtain representation rights with the AFT Guild.  Carroll stated: “I’ve gone far too long without union representation.  Besides, they throw great parties!”

When contacted for comment, Board of Trustee President Rich Grosch stated: “Speaking on behalf of the Board, we’re all in shock.  We’ve never heard of this happening before.  What recourse do we have?  We can’t exactly file a grievance against her.”

Guild President Jim Mahler said he was ecstatic to have the Chancellor on board.  Mahler went on to add: “Having the Chancellor as part of the Guild will give us the added clout with the Board we’ve been looking for.”  Mahler and Carroll will be filing the appropriate paperwork with the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) for formal recognition of the new bargaining unit, entitled simply “Chancellor,” later this afternoon.

When asked how her bargaining unit would function under the Guild’s umbrella, Carroll stated “With a bargaining unit size of one, reaching consensus should be relatively easy, but it will be a cold day in you know where before I let Mahler negotiate my contract.”

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