Celebrate Labor Day

Ten ideas to help you…
Celebrate Labor Day


Contrary to popular misconceptions, Labor Day is not simply “the last day of summer” or a day to go shopping.  It marks a space set apart from everyday business-as-usual to reflect on the contributions of workers and the labor movement to American society.  Here are a few activities conceived in that spirit.




3.  Order a copy of Golden Lands, Working Hands, the ten-part video series on California labor history, and learn how workers – including CFT members – gained their rights. 


4.  In the Bay Area:  watch Rebuilding San Francisco:  The Workers’ Story, a video documentary on the aftermath of the 1906 earthquake, 7:30 pm, KQED Channel 9. 

5.  Move “Mad in America,” a song written about the impact of offshoring on working Americans, a Labor Day anthem, to the top of the iTunes charts


6.  Take a Labor Day Quiz for a chance to win a “Kicking Ass for the Working Class” t-shirt.  


7.  Contact your state legislator and ask for support for SB 840, the California Universal Health Care Act.  


8.  Find out whether your congress member voted for the Employee Free Choice Act, which would allow private sector workers to organize a union without fear of being fired. (What is the EFCA?)



10.  Wear your AFT t-shirt all day in public.


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