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Sept. 30, 2011



What people are saying about Sharon Hendricks:


“I am writing to add my support for the election of Sharon Hendricks to the CalSTRS Board of Trustees. Sharon will be a strong advocate for retirement security for all CalSTRS participants including full-time and part-time community college faculty.”

– Randi Weingarten 
President, AFT, AFL-CIO
“Across the country, public pensions are facing political attacks as well as being hit hard financially by the recession. Those realities make it critically important to have a strong, informed voice for community college educators on the CalSTRS board. Sharon Hendricks has the experience, dedication and toughness we need to protect our pension system in these tough times, and I am confident she will always fight hard to make sure our pensions are safe for both current retirees and those who plan on working for years to come.”

– Josh Pechthalt
President, CFT

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The Ballots are in the Mail;
Please Vote!
The ballots are out! This weekend, many of you will receive your election materials for the CalSTRS board race at your home mailbox. You have until November 30 to vote, but I hope you all will take a few minutes in the coming week to make your decision.

The biggest challenge in this election is getting our fellow community college educators to vote. While the majority of us in the CalSTRS system are counting on having a safe and secure pension when we retire, you would be surprised by the number of people who don’t understand how the system works or who is in charge of it. Many have never even heard of the CalSTRS board. If you’ve been reading these newsletters or visiting my website, you know that I am passionate about retirement issues and advocating for both part and full time faculty and have spent a great deal of time learning the ins and outs of the CalSTRS system.

Having strong, thoughtful representation on the board is crucial to protecting our benefits now and in the future. So please, forward this email on to other faculty and staff and remind them that this election is important and that they need to take action now to make their voices heard.

I hope that I can also count on each of you to support me by giving me your confidence and your vote. I promise to work hard to make sure that our pensions are guarded financially, and our interests are heard on the political front. Now more than ever, we need to safeguard our benefits. I would be honored to be your voice on the CalSTRS board, fighting today to protect tomorrow.

So please, take a few minutes out of your busy schedule and vote. It matters.

Did You Know?
Facts about the CalSTRS Board Election
What will the mailing look like from CalSTRS?
The envelope with the official election ballot enclosed should look similar to this:
* Disclaimer: Neither the System nor the Teachers’ Retirement Board endorses any particular candidate or position
How long do we have to vote and when is the last day I can send my ballot in?
You will be able to vote between October 1st and November 30th. Voted ballots must be postmarked or received by CalSTRS on or before November 30th to be counted.

Is mailing the ballot back to CalSTRS the only way to vote?
When your receive your paper ballot in the mail, you will be given three options for how to vote in this election. You can mail your paper ballot in, phone in your vote, or vote on-line. Instruction on these various voting options will be enclosed in your mailing.

What do I do if I lost or didn’t receive my ballot?

For questions, and general information regarding this election, contact the Election Coordinator at or 800-228-5453.

About Sharon Hendricks

BarSharon Hendricks is a speech professor at Los Angeles City College and former speech-language pathologist in Los Angeles area K-12 public schools. As retirement liaison to CalSTRS for the Los Angeles College Faculty Guild, AFT Local 1521, and member of the Retirement Committee for the Faculty Association of California Community Colleges, Sharon understands the issues of all CalSTRS members.

As the elected community college representative, Sharon will:

  • Lead as a prudent fiduciary, acting solely in the interests of CalSTRS members
  • Lead as a prudent fiduciary, acting solely in the interests of CalSTRS members
  • Advocate for a secure retirement for part-time and full-time community college faculty and all CalSTRS members

What is the CalSTRS Board?
So what is the CalSTRS board, anyway? It’s a question I’ve been asked a lot over the past few months as I campaign for a seat on the 12-person panel that oversees our pension system.

Upcoming Events

  • 10/1/11 – San Jose/Evergreen Faculty Association Picnic
  • 10/5/11 Foothill-De Anza Colleges – Exec. Board Mtg.
  • 10/8/11 California Part-Time Faculty Association Dinner – Sacramento
  • 10/13/11 Los Angeles City College – Chapter Mtg.
  • 10/14/11 – LACCD Retirement Workshops
  • 10/20/11 Pierce College – Chapter Mtg.
  • 11/2-4 CalSTRS Board Mtgs



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