CalPERS Election-Michael Bilbrey


For those of you who are CalPERS members, you will soon be receiving a ballot at your home address for the runoff election for the CalPERS Board seat.

Both CFT and CSEA have endorsed Michael Bilbrey for this CalPERS Board seat.
Michael Bilbrey has been a classified employee, working at Citrus College for 22 years.  As a CSEA union member and leader for more than 18 years, he has ensured that classified employees are treated fairly, listened to and respected.

Michael Bilbrey has pledged to:

  • Fight to protect our defined benefit pensions
  • Preserve and improve CalPERS healthcare programs
  • Increase openness and transparency.

With so much uncertainty surrounding our schools and with a budget crisis that just will not go away, it’s vital that we have stability in our jobs and in our lives.  Michael Bilbrey will provide that stability on the CalPERS board.
Please be sure to cast your vote in this important election for Michael Bilbrey.
In Unity,