Black History Month at Mesa – The Rosa Parks Legacy Lives on (2/05/2021)

Date: February 4, 2021 at 6:49:21 PM PST
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Greetings Everyone,

Every February, our first week of Black History Month activities includes the annual Rosa Parks Birthday Recognition Celebration.  Unfortunately, the continued constraints of the COVID-19 epidemic have prohibited our tradition of personally meeting to celebrate together. However, in the spirit of Mrs. Rosa Parks’ inspiration and determination, we honored her today with a special virtual video montage presentation.  Like many of our other asynchronous events scheduled for this year, The Power of One: REFLECTIONS of the Rosa Parks Project video is available for your continued perusal and enjoyment throughout the entire month.  As an added feature, we’ve created a Padlet Link for this and many of our other scheduled activities.  This allows our viewers and participants an opportunity to comment, connect, personalize and Mesa-nize their experience. Feel free to share this Rosa Parks tribute with your students, colleagues and community at large.  And please encourage them to share their thoughts in the Padlet link provided.

As mentioned in the video, Mrs. Rosa Parks has a special place in the heart of Mesa College and will be forever remembered by her spirit that reminds us of our obligation to want to be better and do better for ourselves and others so that we can all be free.  All who enter this campus, attend, leave and utilize the Rosa Parks Memorial Bus Stop created in her honor, will be touched by this calling.   NO OTHER institution of higher learning in America has such a magnificent functioning monument honoring such a SHERO and “Graceful Freedom Fighter.”

Thank you, Dr. Constance Carroll for your vision and leadership that enabled Mesa College to create this unique monument and continue its stewardship of this calling as an illuminating beacon of hope and light for all in our district campuses and community.

Lastly, I want give a very special thanks to all of the Black Studies Department Faculty and Communications Public Relations Team for all of the collaboration and hard work that went into producing this memorable virtual video message for us. Welcome to Mesa College’s Black History Month Celebration 2021 and we hope you enjoy our full schedule of virtual campus events!

Thekima Mayasa, Ed.D.
Black Studies Department, Chair
San Diego Mesa College

The Power of One: REFLECTIONS of the Rosa Parks Project –
Rosa Parks Project Slides –
Rosa Parks Padlet –
San Diego Mesa Black History Month Calendar –

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Date: Thursday, February 4, 2021 at 11:38 AM
Subject: NEWS | The Rosa Parks Legacy Lives on at Mesa College


February 4, 2021
Contact: Dr. Thekima Mayasa,

The Rosa Parks Legacy Lives on at Mesa College

Mesa College celebrates Black History Month with reflections video and other events

San Diego, CA. – On Thursday, February 4, San Diego Mesa College will celebrate the annual Rosa Parks Birthday Ceremony virtually, with a Rosa Park Remembrance Video Montage, The Power of One. The event is one of many that Mesa has scheduled for Black History Month this year. Community members are invited to view the video to keep her memory alive and honor those who walked instead of riding the bus after Mrs. Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat.

“San Diego Mesa College seeks to build a culture of diverse, equitable and inclusive practices that create an enriched environment for our students, staff, faculty and the broader community,” said Mesa College President Dr. Pamela Luster.  “We remain as committed as ever to celebrating diversity by honoring Black History Month not only on our own campus, but by involving the greater community.”

Date/Time:     Thursday, February 4, 2020.  Virtual viewing

Location:        San Diego Mesa College YouTube Channel

Visuals:                  Rosa Parks 2020 Memorial event photos (on campus)

Rosa Parks 2020 Memorials event video (on campus)

Please see the Mesa College website for the 2021 Black History Month events calendar, highlighted by a series of virtual performances, exhibits, discussions, and other celebrations. Many events are open to the public. For more information, contact Dr. Thekima Mayasa,

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