Bernie Sanders Fundraising Event 11/7

Dear Colleagues,

We are San Diego area teachers–Jim Guerin (King Chavez schools), Henri Jourdain (SUHSD), John Tidwell (union representative for Darnell Charter school), and Andrea Sperling (SDCCD)—and we are sponsoring a November fundraising event for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

We have a ticket site linked to Act Blue, which sends donations directly to the campaign. We would like to know if you can promote this event via the communication channels of the union. We’d be happy to consult with you. The website link is: We are also listed on San Diego Meetups:

It takes place on the evening of November 7th in the College area. Music will be provided by a jazz trio and by the group Malamana, with refreshments, political poetry and a discussion. At present, we would need to have at least 30 additional people register to make this event a go.


Thank you for your assistance and interest!
Jim, Henri, John, and Andrea