Now that you all have had a week’s rest from political activities, it’s time to re-engage.  We need to be extremely active for the next several weeks to hopefully forestall the Schwarzenegger initiatives from making it onto a special election ballot.


1)  Please call the AFT office immediately at 619-640-1155 whenever you spot an initiative signature gatherer, regardless of where they may be (on or off-campus), so we can send someone out to counter their signature gathering effort by exercising our free speech rights alongside them.

2)  Please call the Governor’s office in San Diego at 619-525-4641.  Tell them:  “I’m calling to urge the Governor to withdraw his proposed initiatives that will hurt our children.”

3)  Please print out, sign and mail or fax (619-525-4640) the attached letter to Governor Schwarzenegger pointing out how his initiatives will irreparably harm our education system.

That’s all it takes!  Be vigilant­be active!

Please forward this email to all of your friends, neighbors, family members-anyone with a phone will do!  It is essential that we spread the word as broadly as possible outside of our immediate education community. The Governor needs to feel as though all of the general public, not just us “special interests” think his proposals are the wrong solution for California.  Next week we will send out another message for you to act on.