Another “Paycheck Deception” Scheme

What is Proposition 75 – the “union dues” initiative?
It is another attempt by anti-union forces to silence working families and their unions
within the political arena. It would require public employee unions to get signed
permission from every member, every year in order to use any dues money for political
purposes. It will not require corporations, nonprofit organizations, or other types of
advocacy groups that spend money on politics to be held to the same standard.

Do we need Proposition 75?
No. This initiative is unnecessary and deceptive. Supporters claim they are protecting
union members who do not agree with their union¹s stand on issues. Union members are
already protected by existing law by having the right to opt out at any time. This initiative
just increases costs and red tape in an attempt to weaken public employee unions.

Who will be affected by Proposition 75?
This measure only targets public employee unions ­ the groups that represent public
school teachers and school staff, college and university faculty and staff, firefighters,
police officers, public health care workers, state and municipal employees, and many

Why are public employees and their unions being singled out?
Public employee unions have been vocally opposed and highly visible in recent battles
over the governor¹s so-called ³reform² agenda. Public employees have played a major role
in debates over school funding, employee pensions, and the outsourcing of jobs.
Supporters of Proposition 75 would like to eliminate that kind of opposition.

Why are unions engaged in politics and not just working on contracts?
Representation and contracts are core union functions, but everything that is negotiated
through contracts, including representation, can be taken away or improved through
political action. Direct political action by unions has resulted in Social Security,
weekends, minimum wage, overtime pay, and more. Today, we are fighting for secure
pensions, expanded access to health care, and quality public education.