An Important Word about Insurance Guarantees

The Guaranteed Universal Life Policy offered by AFT to Part-Time and Full-Time members has built in guarantees that members need to consider.

1. The Death Benefit is guaranteed to age 100.  Your costs will not go up and your benefits do not reduce.

2. The Long Term Care portion of the policy will not go up in cost or reduce in benefits.  Many consumers of individual Long Term Care are seeing cost increases of over 50% or benefit reductions as they approach retirement.

3. The Life Insurance Policy has a built in final expense feature if a member were to exhaust all of the Long Term Care benefits worth 25% of the original face amount.

All three very important features are built inside one policy and for one monthly cost.  These are vital benefits to consider for your family’s needs.  After this special open enrollment, your opportunity to protect your family and have a policy without health questions will end.


To explore your options and costs, go to


Attend a 30 minute workshop to learn more and have any questions answered!  The workshops today (9/26/2013) are located at Mesa College, Room H-117/118 starting at 10am.  Check the online schedule for other workshop dates and times.  Deadline to enroll is Monday October 7th.