AFT Wellness Walks


We care about protecting your health just as much as we care about protecting your wages and benefits.  Hence, we have two excellent opportunities for you to start off the spring break with some healthy outdoor exercise!

Please join the Labor Council and affiliated unions for their largest event of the year, the 5th Annual Cesar Chavez Day March on Saturday, March 31 beginning at 10 a.m. at Cesar Chavez Park. We hope many more of you will be able to participate this year, as Cesar Chavez day falls on Saturday this year. Your help is needed to ensure a large turnout for the march that will demonstrate our strength and solidarity.

Our theme for the march is “Reclaiming the American Dream” and we will focus on organizing and contract disputes.  We will also recognize the 50th anniversary of the United Farm Workers, which started in 1962.

The march will start and end at Cesar Chavez Park, 
1449 Cesar E. Chavez Pkwy, San Diego, CA 92113, which is easily accessible by trolley and also is surrounded by street parking.

Our very own member, former State Assemblymember Lori Saldaña, is running for Congress in the 52nd district and could use our help in contacting voters on her behalf this Sunday, April 1st, beginning at 11:30am.  We will be walking in the San Carlos area of San Diego (92119).  Meet in the parking lot of the East San Diego Masonic Lodge, 7849 Tommy Drive, SD 92119.

Please remember to wear comfortable shoes and to bring sun protection for both events!