AFT Supports Proposition N

Dear Colleagues,

Your AFT Guild has donated $15,000 dollars to the Proposition N campaign and offered whatever logistical help we can provide.

Given the fact that the San Diego Union Tribune has taken a position against the bond (as well as the fact that we have generally good labor-management relations in the District), it is even more even more important that we help get the word out to our friends and neighbors about the value of the work we do and how crucial this bond is in providing the infrastructure we need to continue serving the community and providing affordable, quality education for all of the citizens of San Diego.

We would also like to add our voice to those asking you to personally contribute to the campaign.  If every faculty member donates $100 and every staff member donates $50 it will give Prop. N the final push it needs and assure victory in the closing weeks of the campaign.  We will all soon be receiving a generous pay raise­everyone can afford to make a one time contribution.  Contributions should be made out to Friends of San Diego Community Colleges, 4870 39th Street, San Diego, CA  92116

If Prop. N wins, we all win and San Diego wins.

In solidarity,