AFT Monday Message – 9/27/10

Monday Morning Briefings…

1) Get Your Hiel/Justeson GCCCD Yard Sign!
If you live within the boundaries of the Grossmont-Cuyamaca CCD, or if you know someone who does, please contact one of your site reps below for your yard sign:
Grossmont:  Michael Golden/Gregg Robinson
Cuyamaca:  Lyn Neylon/Alicia Muñoz
City:  Augie Sandoval
Mesa:  Jonathan McLeod
Miramar:  Rick Cassar
ECC:  Elena Adams
Mid-City:  Colleen Fitzmaurice
Centre City:  Cindy Liggins
Cesar Chavez:  Charlene Surtleff

2) Prop. 24 (Close Corporate Tax Loopholes) & Prop. 25 (Majority Budget Act) Ads Hit the Airwaves 

See them here:

3) Meg Whitman Talks Pensions, Prisons, Unions with Sacramento Bee Editorial Board
Still unsure abut how Whitman and her personal wealth would affect your job if elected?  Since she would not have control of the legislature, she would not hesitate to use the initiative process to continue her attack on public employees.  In her interview Whitman clearly stated “she would consider putting pension reform on the ballot.”  It’s a safe bet her idea of reform is not to enhance your retirement benefits.

Read more:

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