AFT Monday Message – 9/13/10

Monday Morning Briefings…

1) Still no state budget: time for Proposition 25
The state budget is now nearly thirteen weeks late.  You can read all the usual headlines about how Sacramento is “dysfunctional” and suffering “gridlock.”  These descriptions don’t fully explain what is happening.  Each year the majority of the California Legislature is prevented from passing a state budget on time by a stubborn anti-education, anti-tax minority, enabled by the state’s two-thirds requirement for passing a budget to block passage until concessions are ripped out of public education and other important social programs.  California is one of just three states that require a two-thirds vote to pass a budget, empowering the tyranny of the minority.  As a consequence, the Legislature has dug, over the past fifteen years, our current state budget hole, by removing taxes or other revenue sources each year in order to persuade a few anti-government legislators-enough to get to two-thirds-to vote for a budget.  One example:  the 2009 budget deal, which opened up a two billion dollar corporate tax loophole.  (This would be repealed  by Prop 24.) The CFT, in coalition with its allies, is sponsoring Proposition 25, to restore democracy to the state budget process.  Under Prop 25, majority rule will prevent corporate interests from manipulating the budget process to profit at the expense of the rest of us.  And, under Prop. 25, the legislature does not get paid if the budget is late.  For more information on Prop 25, or to find out how to get involved in the campaign, click here.

2) Union Song Writer
Recall a few weeks ago a solicitation went out for members to write a song about their union.  We are proud of the entry from AFT 1931 by Miramar biology professor Marie McMahon!  (sound file attached)
And if that’s not enough media stimulation for you, check out the new AFL-CIO national TV ad.

3) Which California governor has had the best job growth?
Which of California’s five recent governors had the best job growth during his tenure in office? And which had the worst?
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