AFT Monday Message – 12/14/09

Monday Morning Briefings:

1) We are still receiving questions related to the Early Retirement program. For those of you who are eligible, remember that this Friday, December 18th is the deadline if you want to take advantage of the 85% of salary offer. If you still have lingering questions, please contact Desiree Klaar (619-388-6587 or in the District benefits office.

2) At last Thursday’s Board of Trustees meeting, it was announced that the management unit would have their maximum yearly vacation accrual limitincreased from a two year accrual limit to a three year accrual limit as their contribution to the District’s “fair-share” give-back plan. Say what??? We are attempting to get copies of the actual agreement to get to the bottom of this…

3) With 2009 coming to an end, union members can get a discount on TurboTax and also take advantage of free online tax filing services. Click here for more info.

Not a Guild member yet? Joining as a member doesn’t cost you any extra, and gives you access to numerous discounts and free benefits. Click here to join online:

Wishing You and Your Family a Restful and Happy Holiday Season!