AFT Monday Message – 11/8/10

Monday Briefings…
1) Successor Resource Allocation Formula Discussions Continuing
We have been meeting with Executive Vice-Chancellor Terry Davis regarding a successor agreement to the current Resource Allocation Formula (RAF) which is due to expire on June 30, 2011.  A new RAF would pre-determine the allocation of resources for future rounds of negotiation, eliminating contentious disagreements over the level of available resources.  All unit members will have the opportunity to review and vote on the final product if we are able to reach agreement with the District.  Stay tuned for more details as these talks progress…

2) Unit Pay Changes Contemplated For Adjunct/Overload Courses
College faculty semester length courses have all been paid on an equivalent “pay by the course” basis for more than a decade.  We are now looking at “unitizing” all summer and short-term courses under the same “pay by the course” theory so that all courses would receive the same pay, regardless of what session they are scheduled for, or how many holidays occur during the course schedule.  Full length semester courses with flex obligations would receive the same pay as now, courses without a flex obligation would receive 97% of that pay.  We have also begun looking into the feasibility of adapting the same type of system for CE (i.e.; no more timecards!)

3) AFT Annual Dues Cap Removed
At the last union meeting, the membership approved eliminating the annual dues cap, effective January 1, 2011, which currently kicks in for members earning in excess of $105,960 per year.  This change will help the Guild meet it’s current budget goals without having to institute a general dues increase.  Our budget is being squeezed due to on-going affiliate per-capita increases which we have not kept pace with since we have not had any general salary increases due to the State budget crisis.

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