AFT Monday Message – 11/16/09

Monday Morning Briefings:

1) What you didn’t read in last week’s SDCCD Board report was the fact that management attempted to slip in a docket item without going through the standard shared governance disclosure process. The docket (attached) requested the Board to direct the Chancellor to re-open negotiations with all units. Fortunately, after protests by the AFT and the faculty senates, the item was removed from the meeting agenda. Stay tuned to your dial though as this will not be the last you will be hearing of the District’s attempts at using the State budget crisis as a ruse to force economic concessions from employees.

2) The recent membership vote on amendments to the Guild’s Constitution and Bylaws passed by a margin of 460 to 19. The updated Constitution and Bylaws incorporating these changes should be posted on the Guild’s website by early next week.

3) Not a Guild member yet? Joining as a member doesn’t cost you any extra, and gives you access to numerous discounts and free benefits. Click here to join online: