AFT Monday Message – 10/11/10

Monday Morning Briefings…

1) Special interests paid off while Prop 98 for schools is suspended.  Passage of Prop. 25 would put an end to this type of behavior.
Shortly after the Assembly approves the spending blueprint — packed with last-minute favors for special interests — the upper house passed the final piece of the plan, expected to be signed soon by the governor.,0,3940315.story

2) GCCCD Board Candidate Fundraiser/Happy Hour – This Friday, October 15th
Meet us this Friday, October 15th, from 4:00-7:00 at Emiliano’s on Mission Gorge Rd. for a happy hour, fundraiser, and your chance to meet and interact with GCCCD Board candidates Edwin Hiel and Debbie Justeson.  Please see the attached flyer for details.

3) New Study: Unions Make Even Nonmembers Happier
A new study from Notre Dame University, which carefully evaluated the workforce in 14 different countries, found that people who live in countries with a higher percentage of unionized workers are happier in general, regardless as to whether they themselves are union members.   
The study notes that happiness with one’s life increasingly means happiness at work. According the study’s author, Professor Benjamin Radcliff, “There’s a direct effect of being a [union] member and sort of an indirect effect. People who have union jobs like their jobs better. And that puts pressure on other employers to extend the same benefits and wages to compete with the union shops.”   
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