AFT Monday Message – 3/15/10

1) Circulate Petitions for the Majority Budget Act

The focus of our statewide advocacy work for the next several weeks will be to qualify the Majority Budget Act for the November 2010 ballot. CFT is working in a coalition with other public sector unions to put this measure on the ballot which would reduce the undemocratic 2/3 super-majority currently required to pass a state budget to a simple majority. The 2/3 requirement to raise taxes would not be affected.

We are asking each of our members to download a petition and gather a minimum of five signatures. Faculty may also circulate additional copies among their students. (If you need class sets, AFT will be glad to make them for you, just let us know how many you need.) Click here to download the petitions. Completed petitions can be returned to AFT via District mail.

2) Join the March for California’s Future!

A number of AFT members have expressed an interest in joining up with our marchers during the week of spring break. If you are interested in participating, please reply to this email and let us know for which days you would be available.

3) March for California’s Future Updates

* Follow the marchers progress at
* Add March for California’s Future to your Facebook account. Over 1,100 members already have!
* Read AFT Guild marcher Jim Miller’s weekly blog here.

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