AFT May Day 2017: Get Your Students Involved on Social Media

Tuesday, April 25, 2017 8:20 AM
Please distribute widely, especially among your students!
AFT May Day 2017: Social Media Involvement
Below are ways you can get more involved with AFT May Day and support our students!
Our immigrant students, teachers, staff and administrators have been subjected to scapegoating and prejudice within the political arena, which creates a working and studying environment where members of our college communities may feel alienated, unwelcome, and unsafe.
In reaction we need to stand together to show the character of our community. 
The strength of our solidarity and unity as workers rests on the understanding we have for and about each others’ struggles.
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Post a picture with a message with why you are standing up 
in support for our immigrant students, teachers, staff and administrators!
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Also stay informed about developments, news and events.
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