AFT Guild Survey on Student Masking and Vaccination Requirements (05/16/2022)

Dear AFT Guild Members,

As I’m sure many of you are well aware, vaccination and masking policies in our community as they relate to students continue to evolve with the ups and downs of the corona virus.  For this current spring semester, the District currently has a policy in place that requires students to be vaccinated and masked in order to attend classes face to face.

However, because of significant declines in enrollment that may affect future funding, and the fact that the Southwestern, Palomar, and Mira Costa districts will soon all be dropping their masking and vaccination requirements for students, our District administration is considering changing its policy as well.

Consequently, it’s important for your AFT Guild Executive Council to know your feelings regarding these potential changes so that we may advocate most effectively with the District administration on these issues.  To that end, we have hired an outside polling firm to conduct a survey of a random sample of our members over the next few weeks in order to best determine where our members stand on these issues.

I’m sending this message to all of our members to encourage you to answer the phone and answer the short survey questions when the polling company calls.  The calls will appear as though they are coming from our AFT office phone:  619-640-1155.

The survey will take less than five minutes of your time and all responses will be kept completely anonymous.  If you see a missed call from this number, please do not call back as our office staff will not be able to help you nor will they be able to administer the survey to you.

Lastly, please do not email me your opinion on this matter.  We truly want to conduct a bona fide random sample of our members to make sure we have an accurate indication where our members stand on these issues.  The survey results alone will be what informs the Guild’s position on these matters moving forward, not the squeakiest wheels.  We will be publishing the survey results once we have received a statistically valid number of responses.

Regarding the employee vaccination policy, the District is not considering making any changes to that policy so we are not currently surveying on that issue.

Thank you in advance for your help in ensuring we get a statistically significant number of survey responses so that we may confidently advocate for a sound policy based on our
members’ concerns.

In Solidarity,
Jim Mahler, President
AFT Guild, Local 1931