AFT Guild Student Internship Recruitment for Fall 2023 (04/19/2023)

Dear Colleagues,

Please let your students know about our AFT Guild student internship program opportunity beginning in the Fall 2023 semester.  If you have students who are interested in unions and/or social justice, please refer them to us as you all are our best resource for finding good candidates.  This popular program is our way of introducing our students to the union movement and local social justice work and planting seeds for a better future.

The details are below:

The American Federation of Teachers Guild, Local 1931 is hiring student interns for the 2023-24 school year.  The AFT internship is an intensive introduction to union and social justice work.  Beginning in the Fall semester, every intern takes a Labor Studies course and does a wide range of social justice work through the end of the semester.  The internship then continues in the Spring semester for those who want to do a full year.  AFT is involved in union solidarity actions, political campaigns, racial and gender justice work, environmental activism, and more.  Interns learn how to organize, phone bank, and craft activist campaigns.  While we are primarily focused on SDCCD and GCCCD students, the AFT internship is also open to all San Diego area college students, both full and part time.

More specifically, AFT interns:

*Attend a weekly meeting at 3:00 every Monday in the AFT office in Mission Valley

*Enroll in a weekly Labor Studies course on Tuesday evening from 5:50 to 9:00 PM at SD City College

*Do 4 hours of union/political/community work in addition to the meeting and class time.

The pay for the meeting and 4 hours is $20/hour and the costs and enrollment fees of the class are reimbursed upon successful completion of the course.

All interns need to provide documentation that they are fully vaccinated and boosted and agree to mask up during our meetings if necessary.

Please contact Jim Miller at if you are interested in an interview for a position.

We hope to hear from you soon.

In Solidarity,
Jim Miller
AFT Guild, Local 1931 Political Action VP